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About the project

Client: Apple

Rarely would Apple advertise in outdoor digital space. The reason is simple – Steve Jobs did not believe big digital screens were the right resolution (at the time) nor quality to properly represent the brand. With this project the main task was to find a good way to advertise the product using animation but also to find the right quality screens to properly represent the brand and values of Apple. To make things more complicated this was multinational campaign running in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. A team of art directors and digital designers was sent to several points in London and Paris to investigate which outdoor companies could offer the quality of the screens we needed. The final decision was made to show the ad in the biggest underground and train stations in London and Paris as the screens used in those locations were big but at the same time small enough to maintain good HD quality. That was the fist official digital outdoor campaign done by Apple in Europe.

Scope of work

  • Animation concepts
  • Facilitation for multi-language use
  • Art direction


  • Increase awareness of the campaign and offers for back to school
  • Increase amount of units sold near points of advertising

Outdoor and online

Apple Mac Book Pro
Apple Mac Book Pro
Apple Mac Book Pro
Apple Mac Book Pro